by Scott Prian

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Nebula is a six song album, driven by rock inspired electronic sounds, inspired by past experiences. Often harmonized, the calm and screaming vocal styles are accompanied by heavy drumming, and backed by a wall of different synth sounds unique to the album.


released December 5, 2014

Guitar: Benjamin Deal
Bass: Devon Morrison

Special thanks to Crescent Cymbals.



all rights reserved


Scott Prian Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Advisory
there's a lot going on in this crooked world of ours
I don't have the answers
I see the world so differently, some may never comprehend
the thoughts that pass through me

they said that I could fly, but I have no place to go from here
they said to always try, don't think about your fears
they taught me not to lie, but I've been lying in bed all day
they told me not to cry, but I've been trying for years

I fail to understand this world we all share
whats next for me to do, who's next for me to care
I'm better off alone I'll make it my way
when you tell me how to be, that'll be the last you see

they said to have more trust, so I decided to trust in you
and they said that it's a must to have faith in this world
they taught me how to spell, but all I do is I spell my own doom
I learned how to count, so I've been counting my years

when you live in the past, your life might not last
you're dying too fast, just let it pass
get out of the past, you're living too fast
nothing will last, if you don't let it pass

I fail to understand this world we all share
whats next for me to do, who's next for me to care
you're wasting all your time trying to figure things out
and before you know it..

we are all dead
Track Name: Gold
what good is a life in search of gold
seeking for spending and growing old
this cannot be the only path because
this one's feeling cold

our knowledge feeds the monsters of greed
not only are we planting the seeds
but we're blocking the heat of our great suns rays
while we wander in this gloomy haze

the way to progress is towards our demise
forced this way so someone could rise
had the choice been mine to make
we'd only live to survive

I'm on this path and I'm all alone
making my way, away from my home
happiness flees this mind that I own
will I look back and see that I've grown

passing the point of no return
we've lost our innocence our naivety
there's no way back into the wood
our primal ways will become obsolete
crossing the line as they once did
to fulfill their needs out of the trees
letting go and starting this maze
fled the sands and into the caves

I'm on a different path here all alone
there's no one around, no place to call my home
Track Name: Gateway
they told me this would make me normal
it had a long-term indirect side effect
little did I know it'd change my fate

maybe I need something to bring me closer
something that would help me integrate
sit down, have a drink, you know what I mean

which me will they demand
do you really think I could just go pick a hand
should I hide and flee
why can't I just be me

the way I wish to be, or the one I'm naturally
myself is who I am, but I'm the reason why I'm damned
it seems like everybody only wants me to see
something I will never care to be

this one's about the substances that trick your mind
this one's about the side effects that we all find
I'm talkin' 'bout those times when you think you need repair
but all those long-term side effects which you never had a care

it was the second year in the new millennium
every day, she looked at me, my presence was desired
I was never myself all thanks to the drug
never could I communicate how I felt

the drugs, they will confuse your mind
you will lose control when you think everything's fine
this will change, you will regret
the drugs which control the rest of your life
Track Name: In My Wake
this is where we live, our pale blue dot, our home
we're thankful for all it brings to us, but we fail to show serenity

the mist is taking over, shrouding whats below
the time will come to reveal all that lies beneath the smoke

the other stars say things out loud, it's always tough to let them shine
we know they have a dark side, its the only true one we find

the time has come to see whats left, the triggers finger shows his face
the dust has finally settled, the wretched mist has made its final case

just around the corner, laughter follows in my wake
the let downs always seem to take control
who's that shadow figure in the corner of my eye
I think he's waiting for me to die

the silent whispers have left a trace
it burns so brightly, lighting up the sky


most think they'd recognize evil if they saw it
most think they could describe evil as they know it

when all this hurt is done to us, its hard to think about
their lives and what's been done to them
perhaps they share the same thoughts as you, one will give rise
is it for good or bad or is it evil in disguise
Track Name: Broken Wishes
I often sit there, gazing into the stars
tell me where we went wrong, I don't know where I belong
I often fall spiral into a dream
my future goes away, all my problems seem to stray

moving through

before I fall, I sense the nearing feel
slipping from this dungeon here, the feeling takes away my fear
I'm paralyzed, but my eyes, they still see
the phantom venom fills my veins, I am lifted into space

moving through
I am gone

I seem to have missed all the things you'd learn
moving through the system
all but a box of broken wishes may be lost
here I have the pieces torn and burnt
the growing mind is toxic
leaving behind all I know may be the only way

I'm trying to find a way
is my existence worth fighting for
please, tell me, I'm still dreaming here, in nightmares
this life I'm living does not function
Track Name: Wormhole
I can't be your everything, but you know me too well
perhaps I can't be your anything, you'll see it in time

you can wish for anything, I won't stop you, please go
you may wish for everything, your wishes must be true

until time has come my way, I fear I am stuck here to stay
time has patience of infinity
it knows nothing of emotions or events that follow through
you can't change it, no one can

if you want to, you can turn your back
I won't stop you, don't look back

I know I am nothing
and it feels so good to say it
I feel I can't be anything
and I'm glad I can finally admit it

in time we spend, in time we look, back, and we wish
'til time has come my way, I am still stuck here to stay

I want everything to come true I can see it in the fifth dimension
when the skies collide, I can fall back and rebuild
if I find myself on the other side, will he believe me when I say
I'm your failure, could you show me your way

but until that happens...